Facebook Freedom: Challenges #1

It’s only been just over a week since I gave up Facebook and it’s already apparent just how pervasive it is in my life!

My biggest (and perhaps most worrying) challenge has been Spotify. I do sometimes sign up for things using Facebook because, well, it’s easier than going through all the registration process and inputting of details. I signed up to Spotify so long ago that I had forgotten this was how I had done so. Imagine my horror when I sat down to work (I listen to music a lot when I work) to find the Spotify login box ping up on my screen requiring details. I tried using my Facebook details to log in the normal way. I got this…



After the initial panic had subsided (I have some seriously good playlists on there) I thought, “no problem, I’ll just find out how to login another way”. But no, no I couldn’t…


How rude!

So, if I wanted to permanently delete my Facebook account, I would also permanently lose access to my Spotify account. Yes, I can go through the lengthy process of transferring the playlists, but seriously, that’s rather ridiculous.

Second on my list of challenges has been communicating about events I’d already set up on Facebook, including one to do with fundraising school fees for vulnerable children in rural Zimbabwe. That was pretty awkward. I had to ask someone else to tell me who was in the event so that I could email everyone to continue organising it instead.

Third, there’s the photos. I was writing another blog the other day about ways to save your loose change (to give to the aforementioned school fees project) and mentioned that we have now named the project after my ex-research assistant and friend in Zimbabwe called Lwazi (The Lwazi Project). I wanted to put a photo of Lwazi in the post. I couldn’t because all my photos of Lwazi are on my external hard drive which is in Leeds, I’m in Wales, and well, the rest are on Facebook.

And finally, readership of my blog has definitely been slacking (ahem). Not having these posts automatically publish on my Facebook page has definitely limited the amount of reach they get. My friend kindly posted the last one on my wall on my behalf but that doesn’t quite have the same effect, reaching more of his friends than mine. Feel free to thus sign up to receive updates whenever I post (wink wink nudge nudge).

On the upside, my productivity is on the rise…


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  1. Lalon
    Lalon January 13, 2015 at 12:25 | | Reply

    Use Stereomood. It’s free, pretty good and no signup

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