Roving, and no doubt rambling, feet (India 2003)

Welcome to my Roving Ramblings!

Here I hope to use this platform to write about anything and everything that takes my fancy from explorations of my mind to meandering adventures of my feet. I find it hard to formulate my own views and thoughts, especially when bombarded by information day in, day out. Writing them down helps me to do that and this is the by-product of that gibberish.

It’s quite a simple blog format – all posts will be posted to the Ramblings page. To view only specific types of post, please filter by the categories of Professional Ramblings or Personal Ramblings (links also found on the right hand side of all pages). Professional ramblings are more official and academic, whereas the personal ramblings are more thought dumps and a way of exploring different things, views, ponderings, and nothing too serious.


(All views expressed on this site are my own and all photos are mine unless otherwise attributed)

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